Anne Bendig is a versatile creative artist from Germany. 

 She writes lyrics and poems, sometimes switching to her mother tongue, Low German. She combines her poetry and her art to create poetry collages. She prefers to work in watercolorgouache and oil pastels.  

Anne started her poetry in her youth and her first drawings with colored pencils and Scriptol. She has been following her artistic path continuously since 1992. In various seminars and private studies, she has broadened and deepened her knowledge and skills in drawing and painting. She has also experienced sculptural work with wood and stone  

In her artistic work she is urged to look behind the curtain, to get to the bottom of things, to trace the roots ... 

She always wants to condense everything in order to discover the original and to get to the point. 

She feels home in words, loves the ambiguity of the individual word, the variety of expression and the creative power of her language, which literally inspires poetry. 

She has been artistically active with the group Rootless since the first day the international artist group rootless started in late 2015.  Anne has been showing her work in solo exhibitions since 2004 and in group exhibits since 2010 in Germany and the US. 

LyrikMalereiGedichtcollage  [email protected] 




words became home to me

in the native country of rootless culture

worn down between motherly love

and a strict father’s nature

the image of myself was

stained in the end

the soul harmed

knocked out



put naked into the loneliness

I found back into the world

across the bridge of language

paved with words

is the path through life

I only need to pick them up

and shape them in a story – a poem

and just like in a different light

appear childhood’s hurts

love and violence

the word opens up

picks up carries away –

the love for language

my home

the word