Belinda di Keck is german artist living in La Palma, Canary Islands. The bright colors and starry skies of the islands influence her art. Currently she works in northern Germany . 

Her art centers around the challenges of being a woman in all her colorful facets. She feels life is an adventurous journey to oneself. Like a picture book her art shows the stages of this journey. In the course of 30 years , Belinda has created series of paintings about the cosmos, myths and religions, and about the primordial mothers of history. Her latest series, The World is Colorful,  focuses on the joy of being human.

Belinda sees her art as nonverbal form of communication that builds bridges between human beings, countries, continents, religions and cultures.

Belinda di keck

umarme mich leben

I walk between the dimensions of the world searching for myself.

when i look in the mirror I only see parts. 

Puzzle piece by puzzle piece I put them together.

 Without force and without pressure, enjoying to create my new self.