Dorothea Heger will take us on a journey of colors, shapes and abstracts. Join us to travel on this artistic adventure into new avenues of art." Carol Doering, The Pen & Ink Newsletter, NLAPW

Born in Bavaria, Germany, Dorothea has had a passion for art since childhood. She discovered early that her true artistic inspiration came from nature. Her passion for organic beauty fed her desire to capture the art of the natural world.

Dorothea uses water media to paint on water color paper or canvas. Her artwork bridges the boundaries between realism and abstract expressionism.

 "I found a way to communicate in a language without words. My paintings are reflections of my soul, searching for the truth in life."

Dorothea presented her work in many selected exhibitions, including the Sumner Museum in Washington DC, San Bernardino County Museum in California, Berman Museum in Pennsylvania, and DeVos Museum at Northern Michigan University.

dorothea heger


Rootless to me means to feel lost in a foreign country. When I moved to the US I had a deep desire to move back to my home in Germany. Besides experiencing a new culture and different mentality, I felt very lonely and almost forgotten. I was very homesick, missing my old life, my family, and friends. At the same time, going abroad gave me the unique opportunity to grow, to become more flexible and to make new friends. Expressing my emotions through painting was very healing for me . I entered the artist world by joining several art organizations and participating in competitions. In time, I met new friends. As i built new networks, I began to grow my new roots. Eventually, my roots grew deeper and I felt home again, physically and emotionally.