Renate Wetzstein was born in Germany in 1948. She has two sons from her first marriage. In 1985 Renate married  architect H.W. Wetzstein, who passed away in 2007. 

She began her advanced training as a painter in 1988 in Bremen. She is strongly connected to abstract painting and prefers topics of political nature. 

"There are always pictures, they originate from momentary feelings. The chain of the pictures never breaks off. I have an idea and in the course a painting arises, not by the form, but in her living tension, the picture."

renate wetzstein


My childhood and youth were dictated by aduklts and it was difficukt for me to develop my own personality; finding my place in  society as human being.

The early death of my older brother

 prompted me to search my roots.

Painting gives me the opportunity to communicate and to exchange ideas . In addition, it offers me a chance to come to terms with events of personal and political nature.

It takes courage to open your soul to the outside world in the hope of taking root on this earth and to be in unity with humans, animals and nature.