Ulli Meta (Ulli Songs) is a German-born Chicago Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist. As a pianist, vocalist, and guitarist she continuously explores the possibilities of life with more than 200 compositions/songs in her repertoire. In her compositions and spontaneous creations she combines various cultural (intra - and inter human) experiences and styles from jazz, pop, and modern classical music into a unique, passionate, transformational signature. Her at times powerful, at times gentle versatile voice  dances angelically over these expressive transformational sounds. Ulli's live performances are an interactive and personal experience. She intuitively connects with her audience and these inspirations flow into new creations developing spontaneously in the moment.



ulli META

The process of painting is one of discovery and exploration of one’s own inner world as the way we see the world is the unique perspective of the observer.   The way we see, think, and feel are the possibilities in which we experience life. As a painter Ulli seeks these possibilities and transformational qualities of these inner worlds to be expressed in her colorful paintings. She seeks beauty, balance, and harmony within patterns that do not always feel congruent. Life is an uneven and unknown path on which we find ourselves more and more by becoming comfortable in knowing that we do not know tomorrow.