Performing artist -

Award winner
watercolor, oil, graphic, sculpture, object, photography, layout, performance
I was born in Germany in the year 1947. Being married I have two sons and two grandsons.
I got my master degrees of art and education, studied at the University of Bremen, Germany.
For forty-five year I worked with mentally handicapped, physical disabled and
mentally disordered clients and students. 
Over twenty years I served as director of school for special needs.
More than forty years I’m working in art, using oil, watercolor, color pencil, graphic, print,
clay, object, digital-art, photo, layout and performance.
In my artwork my special desire is to bring back the spirit of ancient female wisdom.
I also like to reflect mother nature, i.e. flowers, leaves, trees, landscapes, folks, women. 
My lastest interest is the process of female aging in contrast to the mainstream 
aesthetic of youth and beauty.
2016 I founded the international women artists group „rootless“. 
My work has bee shown in art-galleries, in national and international 
exhibitions, as well as in one-woman shows in Germany and group-shows in the United States. 

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ursula gallenkamp


On a certain day in my very young life i lost my roots to my being.

Since then I feel like a constrained free bird, which sometimes here and sometimes there, puts his claws around a twisting branch and stays there to be carried away by the wind.

From time to time I construct my inner and outer nests and strike tender and sensitive roots.Meanwhile I I take care that these  do not become thoroughly and painfully ripped out.These last 70 years I start my days with a smile of hope and this way is ok for me.